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                      Ningbo Kairun Garments Co., Ltd.Is specialized in producing knitwear export-oriented medium-sized private joint-stock has from the feed yarn, woven into a single jersey, rib, mesh, velvet, jacquard fabrics
                      factory to stop production lines and the ability to import and export trade
                      factory to stop production lines and……
                      Textile enterprises to face economic
                            The textile industry in 2012 have not fared well. High cotton prices, high wages pushe...
                      Textile enterprises to face economic changes
                      Ningbo Kairun Garment Co., Ltd.'s website has fini
                      Kairun Garment Co., Ltd. launched new fall 2013
                      Ningbo Kairun Garments Co., Ltd.
                      Add:168th Quyuan Road Industrial Park Xiangshan
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